the plan?

what's the plan, you ask?

i can say it has to do with building computers, different computers.

it's difficult because they (or it, maybe it's just one) would be run, powered, by people.

and how do you get people to participate?

how do you plan for this project? how many people can you imagine participating at once, or in a series, and/or over the years?

there can be the plans, the blueprints; but how to test them?

start small, test small... how small? how to trascend the group of two?

who would be interested in alternative computers?

i am, a lot... i can see others as well :)

non-polluting, non-exploitative, non-productive... slow, very slow.

a game, a dance, full of puzzles, ingenuity, amazing creative and logical feats

to do?

the design of the architecture and the rules of play; sparc? something new? something old? how clear, how mechanical, how hybrid, how much of a game, how much of a show, how much of a lesson, a workshop, a way of living?

with the architecture comes a machine language, and its assembly language. an assembler to convert the assembly into machine language; eventually written in its assembly, eventually assembled in the computer itself.

from there a compiler, a c compiler, gcc? something new? something old?

an operating system in c? minix? something new? something old?

or maybe starting all over with different objectives in heart-mind... what else can a computer be?

and once it is ready... what to run then? what could we learn?


how many years to build, how many years to run?

what happens when you stretch time and suddenly the dimension of the millions of cycles (megas), the billions of cycles (gigas) becomes tangible...

a million seconds is eleven days, a billion seconds is thirty one years... what about 2.4 billion cycles of a second each... what if each one is one minute, one hour, one day...

will this be a monument? could we quote now the long now?

would we need many generations to complete it, to run it?

and for what?

a celebration, another rite? gathering of multiple interests, come dance and help the computer advance (?)

reflection on time, on endurance, on creating something that lasts and does not hurt... on enjoying life

if this will happen over the years, where to start?

i know, i know... from a single step :)

(and that didn't rhyme)