suddenly, it's a day where(when) the conventions tell us that there are only 30 days left in this spacetime of the city

how do you say goodbye?

is it true that distance doesn't matter?

is it true that we are still (we will still be) connected?

is not being in proprietary social media a social suicide, a way of disappearing (even more) from people's cognitive maps of the world?

i hope that this timespace in the web, net, sand, can help (me) share, connect (with you, that may be away).

maybe you'll come and find new ideas, drawings, texts, diagrams, dances... you might respond in those old-fashioned (relatively?) communication methods (who wants to write a subject line anymore?)

you'll know that i'm still alive and creating, wherever and whenever i happen(ed) to be.

i might be checking your "ig feed" or something (do i even know it? could you share it with me?)

at the end it might be just about creating waves in the not-fluid-but-a-collection-of-crystals around.

probably a feet over the grass